Bondex Perfect Plus

BONDEX PERFECT PLUS is a water-based, translucent wood stain with alkyd-modified acrylic technology. It has non-drip properties and contains the innovative Slow Release technology: the active ingredients are released only when needed. BONDEX PERFECT PLUS offers surface film protection against blue stain and mould. UV-protective and water-repellent.
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Exterior on cladding, windows, and doors. Also suitable for balconies, carports, fences, shutters, and eaves.
Bondex Perfect Plus contains the unique Long Effect technology: the active, protective agents are encapsulated and released, when necessary - e.g., during rainy or damp weather. Traditional wood protection products will release the majority of the active agents in the first period after application, which means that your wood will be extremely well protected for the first period of time, but then the level of active agents remaining will be too low to keep up the protection. The Long Effect technology ensures release of active agents over a longer period of time, which extends the protection significantly.
Bondex Perfect Plus