If you have questions about how to use wood protection for garden projects, check out the FAQ's below.

Can I use a wood stain on garden furniture and table?

Preferably not. The product is film forming. When a horizontal surface is treated with a film forming product, moisture cannot escape from the wood underneath , and in the end the pressure becomes too big and the surface will peel and crack. In addition, most Bondex wood stains contain fungicides, which are not recommended near
e.g. food and drink on a table in the garden.

Should I clean my wooden deck before applying oil?

Yes. Always. If it is a new deck, you can prevent mould attacks. If the deck has been treated before, it must be cleaned before applying a new layer of decking oil. If you don’t, the oil will not penetrate sufficiently deep into the surface.

Can the chlorine from my pool damage the surrounding wooden deck?

Yes. Chlorine will discolour the wood and you will need to clean regularly.