If you have questions about how to protect and preserve your wood, please check out the FAQ's below.

What about drying times and humidity?

Solvent based products dry by means of a chemical process, and the air humidity has no effect on the drying  time. However, the drying time will be affected by changes in the temperature. The higher the temperature - the quicker the drying. Note that if solvent based coatings dry too quickly, the result may be a spotted and uneven
result on the treated surface. Water based products dry because of water evaporation. The higher the temperature - the quicker the drying. The ambient humidity has a crucial impact on the drying. The higher the humidity, the more difficult it is for the water to evaporate. This will normally cause an imperfect film and surface.

What happens, if I treat wood with too high moisture content?

The risk is that the moisture may become trapped inside the wood. The wood protection will not be able to penetrate properly into the wood, but will remain on top of the surface. In the end this may lead to degradation of the wood and it may rot. The wood protection you applied will peel off.