If you have questions about pre-treatment and preparation, check out the FAQ's below.

Can I treat dry wood without pre-treatment?

Yes, there is no problem in applying wood protection without a pretreatment. Of course the wood will not be protected against rot, termites, wood destroying worms or blue stain, unless the wood is pressure impregnated, vacuum impregnated or Thermowood®

Do I need to sand my wooden deck before applying oil?

It depends on whether the deck is new or old... If it is new - no. If it is old - yes. On an old wooden deck, there will be dead wooden fibres on the surface, so it is a good idea to sand it down, until the wood again appears clean, uniform and solid.

Do I need to sand my floor, before applying varnish?

Yes. There are two reasons for sanding the surface: 1) To get a better adhesion of the layers of varnish. 2) To remove any dust from a previously varnished surface.

Which grit sandpaper sould I use?

Normally grit 80-120.

How do I know, if I sanded thoroughly enough?

If you do not sand thoroughly, you may see that the wood protection does not have good adhesion with the surface. When you sand, you scratch the surface slightly, which improves the adhesion of the wood protection you apply. You also remove dead wood fibres from the surface, so you obtain a smooth and clean surface for applying
wood protection. Remember - do not use too fine grit, i.e. sandpapir with grit over 220 is not useful for our products.