Bondex Long Life UV

Bondex Long Life UV is a water based, translucent wood finish with UV-blocker. Can be used on all outdoor wooden substrates and wood species. Use Bondex Long Life UV on top of pigmented undercoat or on its own. Compatible with all other Bondex finishes.

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Description: UV-resistant colourless satin finish wood stain for outdoor use. Provides long lasting protection against weathering and UV. Protects the substrate from decaying, greying as well as sapstain, when used with Bondex wood preservatives.

Where to use: Doors, windows, shutters, eaves, pergolas and any timber.

Surface preparation: The surface must be dry, clean, firm and free from grease, oil, rust and wax. Sand any extremely weathered areas of wood down to the sound wood. For best results outdoor on rough softwood, apply: 1 x Bondex Preserve, 3 x Bondex Long Life UV. On other outdoor woods: 3 x Bondex Long Life UV.

Application: By brush, roller, spray or dipping. Apply on all wood surfaces and cut sections.

Drying Time: Apply product thoroughly by brush or roller. Not suitable for horizontal surfaces. Do not apply or store at temperatures below +10°C and/or relative air humidity >80%.

  • All outdoor wooden substrates and wood species in system with a wood preservative.
    Note: Not recommended for horizontal surfaces such as e.g. terraces, bannisters etc.

  • Usage: Exterior

  • Where to use: All Exterior Wood (except horizontal surfaces)

  • Finish: Semi-gloss

  • Coverage: 13 m2/l

  • Number of Coats: 3

  • Base: Water

  • Drying Time:

    •   - Touch: 30 m

    •   - Recoat: 4 h

    •   - Total: 48 h

  • Available Sizes: 0,75 L, 2,5 L and 5 L

Bondex Long Life UV