Bondex Intensive Oil

Bondex Intensive Oil is a water-based oil for garden furniture, wooden trellises, fences and other outdoor wood surfaces, as well as indoor furniture. The oil offers weather-and UV-protection. Bondex Intensive Oil is tested according to EN71, Part 3 - safe to use on children's toys. Click here to download certificate: BONDEX INTENSIVE OIL EN71, PART 3 CERTIFICATE

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Description: Water-based, ready-to-use, clear oil for exterior/interior hard wood.

Pretreatment: Previously treated surfaces must be sanded. The substrate must be clean and dry: Remove grease and dirt with a suitable detergent.

Coverage: App. 22 m2/l, depending on the substrate.

Application: Apply 1-2 coatswith a soft rag, ensuring the Intensive Oil is well incorporated into the wood. Wipe off with a clean rag. Do not use below temperatures of 5°C or above 80% relative humidity, based on a daily average. At the time of treatment, wood moisture should not be above 18%.Treatment once a year is recommended for the best result.

Drying Time: Dust dry in app. 1 hour, recoatable after app. 1 hour – at 23°C and standard humidity (60%).

  • Garden furniture made of wood – in particular exotic and tropical woods

  • Indoor noble woods

  • Usage: Exterior

  • Where to use: Wooden Garden Furniture

  • Finish: Matt

  • Coverage: 22 m2/l

  • Number of Coats: 1-2

  • Base: Solvent

  • Drying Time:

    •   - Touch: 6-12 h

    •   - Recoat: 24 h

    •   - Total: -

  • Available Sizes: 0,75 L and 2,5 L

Bondex Intensive Oil