Bondex Algae & Moss Remover

Bondex Algae & Moss Remover cleans, disinfects and removes algae, mould and dirt before you apply Bondex Decking Oils. It is very important clean your deck properly before applying a decking oil in order achieve a good result. Bondex Algae & Moss Remover is diluted 1:20, which means that you can treat up to 120 m2 with just one bottle.

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Description: Bondex Algae- & Moss Remover Concentrate removes algae, moss and first signs of mould and protects against renewed growth.

Where to Use: Wooden decks, patios, facades, roofs, fences, outdoor surfaces such as wood, stone, glass, concrete and ceramic surfaces, roof tiles and roofing fabric, pads, tiles, bricks and paving stones, terracotta etc.

Surface preparation: The surface must be clean, dry and solid, free from oil, grease and wax, as well as rust and resin. Remove algae and mould before applying treatment. Highly weathered areas are sanded down to healthy wood. Important: The moisture of the wood must not exceed 18% during application.

Application: The area to be treated must be dry. Depending on the thickness of the mould, use pure or diluted with up to 1:20 water. Pour evenly onto surface until it is saturated. Do not rinse afterwards and leave for 24 hours to take effect. Mould disappears without further treatment of the areas.

Note: During treatment, short-term changes in the colour of the moss or mould (brown-red) may occur. This will wear off again with the effect of weather and sunlight.

  • Wooden decks

  • Stone

  • Concrete

  • Glass

  • Ceramic

  • Plastic

  • Roof tiles

  • Facades

  • Bricks

  • Paving stones

  • Terracotta

  • Usage: Exterior

  • Where to use: Outdoor, Wood, Stone, Concrete

  • Finish: -

  • Coverage: 120 m2/l

  • Number of Coats: -

  • Base: Water

  • Drying Time:

    •   - Touch: -

    •   - Recoat: -

    •   - Total: -

  • Available Sizes: 1 L

Bondex Algae & Moss Remover
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